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Healthy Organic Tea At Discount Prices!

Discount Herbal Tea

Discount Herbal Tea

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Become The Picture Of Health & Fitness!


burn fat slimming teaGoodbye Fat, Hello Fitness…It was asserted that in Taste dynasty, folks were well-fed and well-clothed, and they believed they were pretty if they were fat.

But folks started to find the way to become slim when they continuously revealed that fatness would bring many illnesses. Sun Simiao, a particularly famous medical scientist of popular Tang dynasty.

Sun Simiao, a famous medical scientist of Taste dynasty, was offered to be “the king of medication” as he cured the emperor’s head wind sickness. Through the clinical experiments, it shows the improved slimming virility which can switch on the blood, accelerate the fat metabolism, and cut back the blood-fat.

The characteristic of the product is you will need not be on a diet to shed kilos. Compendium of Materia Medica: lotus leaf : “very convenient for slimming”. Peach seed : “promotes the blood and removes blood stasis” Chinese Pharmacopoeia : radix-polygoni multiflori:” curing the hyperlipoidemia spatholobus stem:”cures the blood deficiency and insensibility promotes blood flow and frees channels.” $10.50/50gr. bags.


stress and hypertension teaGoodbye Stress & Hypertension. Through the textual research of the modern medicine, wind sickness is elevated blood pressure.

The emperor wasn’t capable of being in power finally thanks to the sickness, then it caused the history of Wu Zetian and he seized the throne.

For that, the previous emperor consulted him as “the King of Medicine”. Later on Sun Simiao declined to be the archiater any more but was buried alive. In that time, he wrote Useful Prescriptions for Emergencies and left it behind.

It’s the first OTC tea for antihypertension of conventional Chinese medication too.

Employed for headache and giddiness high blood pressure” cortex eucommiae : “tonifying the liver and kidney, exploited for kidney weakness, waist agony hypertension.”.

$10.50/50gr. bags.


gray hair teaGoodbye Gray Hair.

It was declared that Sun Simiao, the king of medication once passed by a hamlet and saw a young girl was scolding a grey-haired man during his travelling of the Earth. The lady answered the grey-haired man was her boy ; he left home for more than 10 years.

His ma gave him a secret prescription for darkening the hair and promoting the longevity which inherited from his forefathers before he left home.  But he had not taken it at all suddenly, that’s the reason why he looked so old and she was so annoyed. Sun Simiao was so stunned the lady had dark black hair but she avowed herself to be 98 years-old.

In this prescription, Sun Simiao revealed that the black mulberry was the prime ingredient ; sealwort was the minor ingredient and added the gojiberry.

At that point, Sun Simiao was over a hundred year old, but he looked like a powerful man about forty years old with dark blackhair. The emperor had a suspicion that he pretended to be the “King of Medication ” SunSimiao.

At this point, Sun Simiao was over 100 years of age, but he looked like a strong man about 40 years old with dark blackhair.

The emperor had a suspicion that he pretended to be the “King of Medication ” SunSimiao. Potential : provisions the kidney and darkens your hair, makes you feel relaxed. Made use of for lacking of kidney qi, heart blood deficiency and grey hair early.  $10.75/50gr. bags.


longevity and youth teaHello Longevity & Youth.  Contains Jiao Gu Lan Chinese Herbal Tea. A longevity tonic herb.

It is reinforcing to general health and has a difficult anti-fatigue effect.Strengthens the immunological reaction. Exploited for a spread of health issues. Contains 82 saponins, some of which are related to the ginsenosides found in ginseng root. Japanese scientists learned the plant contained ingredients like those found in ginseng. Further research showed clearly that jiao gu lan has a great range of actions in the body, with a general overall effect of helping to balance and control body systems, as an example the heart and hormonal systems.

It is extraordinarily counseled for the ones that need to try and improve their energy levels, who would like to support and maintain their blood pressure, support maintaining a good cholesterol balance, support with a good protection mechanism, help the circulation and help a bright and clear mind. Jiao gulan, this herb local to the mountainous areas of southern China and is receiving masses of awareness for its use as an age-defying tonic and adaptogen.

The flavorsome tea made from the this herbaceous evergreen vine having 4 times more ginseng-like saponins than either American or Asian Ginseng. Employed in Chinese Medicine to delay aging.

 $10.00/1.76oz (50grams)


great sex teaHello Great Sex! Standard Chinese medical science thought : “the kidney is the inbred fundamentality of human being.” A particularly famous doctor who wrote Doctor’s Record named Tao Hongjing of Qiliang, in Southern Dynasty recounted : “Gojiberry is extremely handy for reinforcing men’s sexual function, so never take Gojiberry if you leave extraordinarily faraway from home.” It was printed that Fang Xuanling, the PM.

Of Tang dynasty, was so concentrated in helping Emperor Tangtai Zhong to administer central authority affairs that it caused him helplessness of the waist and knees, vacuity taxation, and impotency.

Later thru eating Gojiberry and sealwort, etc, his physical power was recovered and he became terribly powerful. That helped him become a great and famous Minister of history.

It can darken hair if taking for a longtime. Chinese Pharmacopoeia : raspberry:”boosts the kidney, secures quintessence exploited for impotency and early ejaculation.” gojiberry : “enriches and provisions the liver and kidney used for vacuity cough and hasty gasping, and decreasing of semen.” The Compendium of Standard Chinese Medicine : mulberry : “is good for kidney and arrests emission.  $11.00/50gr. bags.


ease diabetes teaEase Diabetes. It was said that at the time of three Dominions Period ( 184—280A.D.) A year past, and later onHe hid in the mountain and was prepared to die as he did not have to pull on his families. 3 years after, he was discovered not only still alive, but also became highly powerful, wing-footed and had good lungs.

One day, Hua Tuo, a particularly famous doctor in traditional times, found the reclusive “fairy” when he passed by there, and he informed the farmer had been eating a sort of plant which matured green flower and took yellow root for some serious time and was cured finally. Hua Tuo related that with highly praise:”It was the genuine marrow of all medication.

Efficiency:Reduces blood sugar and piss sugar, suited to the people whose numeric cost of blood sugar and urine sugar increase.

Relevant symptoms like pharyngoxerosis, thirst, bulimia, hypodynamia of the 4 limbs of the body. Chinese Pharmacopoeia : sealwort:”boosts the kidney employed for drained body and shortage of strength, internal heat and wasting-thirst.”kudzu root:” made use of for thirst” Shennong’s Herbal Classic : polygonatum : “nourishing Yin and moistening aridness exploited for wasting-thirst of lung and stomach’s internal injury.” The Compendium of Standard Chinese Medicine:mulberry:”is good for kidney.

“ $10.00/50gr. bags.


gout teaGoodbye Gout.  It was claimed that at the time of three Dominions Period ( 184—280A.D. ), an astonishing girl Called Diao Chan lost her ma and pop since she was younger and adopted by Wang Yun. Meanwhile, Dong Zhuo, a faithless court official in state was in power and non combatants were ruled tyrannically and the masses have no means to live.

Wang Yun was also a court official but a repeated one. He worried so much about the country and the women and men that he couldn’t sleep at night and got drunk. One day, Diao Chan saw her foster pa depressed and walked sustaining the wall. Then pop told her that his arthrosis of the first toe was experiencing discomfort for a couple of days with flare. At this point to fix her pop. Hua tuo used peach seed to reduce pain, rhizomaimperatae and poria to expell poison.

Just more than a month later, Wang Yun was recovered. Numerous Records of Famous Doctors : in stomach, frees the vessels and lessens pain. This works even better when you add tart cherries reinforced or not. $10.00/50gr. bags.


hangover teaGoodbye Hangovers.  Methodical experiments show that hepatocyles will change quickly after drinking, which lead on to lengthened alcoholic intoxication.

Collections of Su Dongpo recorded that : one of Su Dongpo’s townees had poor appetite but was on drink.Gradually, he felt hands trembling, discomforts of liver and stomach and sleeping issues.

Su Dongpo invited a famous doctor named Zhang Gong to make a diagnosis and give treatment for his townee. So he adopted fructus hovenia and kudzu flower to choose and desert the alcoholism.

The Compendium of Standard Chinese Medicine : kudzu flower : “resolves spirits poison, awakens the spleen, utilised for spirits damage, fever, irritation and thirst,retching counter flow and acid puking “fructus hovenia : “cures the intoxication, wasting-thirst, and barfing” Collection of Guang Xi Tradictional Medicine : fructus momordicae : “bitter,cool utilized for blood dry and tum fever.” Works best if used before and after.

$11.00/50gr. bags.


beautiful face teaHello Beautiful Face. In the early years of Tang dynasty, a foreseer warned that “No more than three generations, the throne must be grabbed by an individual surnamed Wu”, so Emperor Tangtai Zhong rubbed out all the folks surnamed Wu except Wu Meiniang at his side.

He sent her to Ganye monastery to be a nun before he died.

The book of Taste dynasty recorded that”all the ruling body officials raised their heads and saw Wu Meiniang left like a fairy every time they finished their meeting.” It was articulated that Wu Meiniang had gotten an incredible prescription when she was in the Ganye nunnery-everyday she took hundred flowers as tea. Through the analysis of modern pharmacodynamics, we make thos eeffective flowers into “Herbal Tea” to share with ladies.

Used for symptoms like women’s menstrual irregularities, troubling menstruation,accumulation of fat in waist and belly, leaden macula of face, pox sore,vexation and halitosis. Compendium of Materia Medica highlights that : The flower is the marrow of all the plants.  It absorbs the natural breath, and pumps out the natural incense.

They can restrain the enzyme from causing the skin to age, stop making melanin, and switch on the cells of the skin. You will have shocking color on your face for it has upward nature, and the breath of it reaches the skin.Chinese Pharmacopoeia writes about rose : “moves qi and resolves depression” The Compendium of Traditional Chinese Medicine indicates chrysanthemum : “expells wind, clears away heat and detoxification dredges lung qi, benefits the blood and dampens the face. “jasmine flower : “regulates the flow of qi clearing deficient fire, and curing sore poison” Lily : “moistens the lung, clears heat and eases the nerves” Try it and you can feel your body and face tightening. $10.75/50gr. bags.


memory teaHello Good Memory.  It was claimed that at the time of 3 Dominions Period ,the famous doctor Hua Tuo was practicing medication in Bo Zhou ( Now the area of An Hui Province ).

One day he passed a college and saw a teacher was scolding scholars during his travelling of the planet. He wondered exactly why, and then was told that as the scholars could not remember what the teacher related. After listening, Hua Tuo wrote a prescription immediately which emphasise using the fructus alpiniae oxyphyllae, lotus seed and longan,etc, let scholars take them constantly. As expected, all of the scholars buttressed their memory power and made great progress in their study.

It’ll help you in getting more keen, fragile and hypermnesia if administered for an extended time. The Compendium of Standard Chinese Medicine : fructus alpiniae oxyphyllae : “opens depression and diffuses qi.” lotus seed : “nourishes the heart reposes and boosts qi and bodily strength.” Compendium of Materia Medica : longan : “calms the nerves and fortifies your body, made use of for memory loss.” Try it and you can feel your body replying.  $10.50/50gr. bags.


ease menstration teaGoodbye Painful Period. In the Spring and Autumn Period ( 770476 B.C. ), Imperial Concubine Zhao gave birth to a baby named Yingzheng ( especially Jaw Dynasty First Emperor ), Ying Yiren, when he was a hostage, finally escaped back to Qin, but he left Imperial Concubine Zhao alone.

Under the protection of a local bully named Lao’ai, she sequestered herself from the world with Lao’ai for six years. It was narrated that during those years, Imperial Concubine Zhao suffered from quite heavy dysmenorrhea. Fortuitously she was returned to Qin and was treated by an exceedingly accomplished doctor named Bianque of that time.

Until now, among the people, they regard fennel and peach kernelas handy medicine for dysmenorrhea. Acceptable for the people that have following signals : irregular menstruation, stomach and breast swelling pain before menstruation, before or delay of menstrual period, sombreness of menses with gores. Utilized for menstrual irregularities. :, hypogastric pain and algomenorrhea” Shennong’s Herbal Classic : peach seed “blood-activating and stasis-dissolving employed for dysmenorrhea.” You can ease awful uterine pain during manstration.  $10.00/50gr. bags.


ease breast pain teaHello Healthy Breasts. (Mammary Disorder) It was declared that in Tang dynasty, Imperial Concubine Yang’s breast was hurt by pawpaw when she was frolicking with An Lushan.

Due to this accident together with Yang felt emotional discomfort, she was subject to the breast illness which can touch nutty tubercles. The emperor ordered archiaters to treat Yang through devoting all their attention.

After using dandelion and laminaria japonica, not only did the tubercles of Yang’s breast disappear, but also were her torpedos much fitter.

ChinesePharmacopoeia : laminaria japonica “softens hardness and diffuses ties, exploited for goiters and cancers of the neck : blood and removes blood stasis” dandelion “clears heat and resolves poison, exploited for mammary welling spot” The dandelion was employed for women’s mammary welling spot.

The symptom will get well after soaking in water and taking the dandelion.”A famous doctor named Zhang Shanlei articulated : “the dandelion can cureall furuncles, massive carbuncle, inflammation,heat and poison, it takes great potential in mammary discomfort, mammary pain, rosiness and hard clotas well.” $10.00/50gr. bags.


sore throat teaGoodbye Sore Throat!The queen mother Ci Xi was highly eager on enjoying Chinese ordinary opera.

It was announced that one day of 1902, the troupe company was performing “The Love of the Western Chamber”, but the male leading role named Zhangsheng had hoarse voice and felt incredibly bad. After the performance, CiXi called him in and asked the reason, then she knew that was as he was often sleepless and had dry throat for prompting to practise new opera.

The ganger of the troupe company told her that Zhangsheng’s hometown was loaded in tobacco, so he had a free time pursuit of smoking, and had much phlegm. A few days later on Zhangsheng sang loudly and glaringly when he was performing for Ci Xi. This product can improve yin and moisten aridness, especially good for voicer and folks who work at night.

It’ll take health virility for voice if the voice operators taking it for a lengthy period of time. Chinese Pharmacopoeia : balloonflower:” exploited for sore pharynx and loss of voice.” chrysoidine : “eliminating phlegm used for throat provoke and masses of phlegm.” boat-fruited sterculia seed : “removes heat and moistens lung, lessens sorethroat and resolves poison” Collection of Guang Xi Tradictional Medicine : fructus momordicae : “bitter,cool exploited for blood dry and stomach fever.” Herbal Classic : polygonatum : “nourishing Yin and moistening dryness employed for wasting-thirst of lung and stomach’s internal injury.”  $10.75/50gr. bags.


nausia teaGoodbye Nausia.The doctors suggested that : “tired?sleepless and weakling people constantly feel tum rot when they are travelling on bus?train or plane.

” We developed this type of herbal tea to help enjoy your journey. Potential : Warms the tum and harmonizes the center, transforms phlegm and checks retching, used for symptoms like dizzy head and tum upset.

Chinese Pharmacopoeia : dry ginger : warms the center and checks retching “Amomum villosum “eliminating damp and exciting the appetite manages the belly and let the jam flow down.”Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic : old dried orange peel : “transforms phlegm?down bears counterflow and checks barfing” Collection of Guang Xi Tradictional Medicine : fructus momordicae : “bitter,cool utilized for blood dry and tum fever.” Best if taken before and during travel. $38.00/90gr. bags

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lemongrass teaLemongrass Tea.
Often referred to as spiny wire grass, silky heads, citronella grass, fever grass or Hierba Luisa among many others.

It has got a citrus flavor and can be dried and milled, or used fresh. The stalk itself is too tough to be eaten excepting the soft inner part. But it can be finely chopped and added to recipes.

It may be bruised and added entire as this releases the savoury oils from the juice sacs in the stalk. The primary component of lemongrass oil is citral, which makes up around eighty percent of the total. It’s also distilled into palmarosa oil and employed in aromatherapy for a relaxing effect to help to relieve nerves and stress. Lemongrass in a few cases has been employed as a mild anti-depressant for the central nerve system. $10.00/50gr. bags.

pandanus tea

Pandanus Tea made from the  green pandanus tree leaves  that grow with a large knobby flowering fruit.  The Pandanus has a light brown-green color with an aroma like creamy sweet buttermilk. The scent and light sweet taste are forever discernable. It helps to refresh your heart function reduces brain fatigue.  Pandanus Tea will refresh you and give you energy in the morning without caffiene. $10.00/50gr. bags

safflower teaSafflower Tea has light red color with light sweet scent. It helps to reduces fat cells in blood and lowers blood pressure, relieves constipation. It also helps to induce sweating which, in turn, releases poisons from the blood system. It is a good cardiac stimulant and helps to improve blood circulation.  The tea is very similar to the health benefits of the Saffron stamen taken from the Crocus of Spain. There are similar effects to GABA Tea and wheat straw tea. $10.00/50gr. bags.

babblers bill leaf teaBabbler’s Bill Leaf Tea
Has for some time been known to alleviate fever, detox from any chemicals helping cure persistent alcoholism and is particularly good for hangovers. Best to drink it at least two to four times per week. It’s an excellent tea for inner-city polutant detox and we strongly recommend it for you to contribute to your intake once or more a week. Rare to find in the USA and SELLS OUT QUICKLY. $10.00/50gr. bags.


bengal quince tea


Bengal Quince Tea Made from Bengal Fruit and has a light brown color. It has got a light sweet taste Bengal Quince Tea helps to improves heart and blood flow, prompt mucus, cools down the body and improves appetite so we recommend you to take it for mid afternoon invigoration to relax and refresh.


Another of many teas made to help in supporting the extreme duress placed on athletes.

 $10.00/50gr. bags.


ginger teaGinger Tea Made of 10+ months of ginger root so it has a scent smell and light spicy taste. It helps to cure the motion sickness,stomach upset, queasiness and revives stomach activities to ordinary ; diaphoretic, excites circulation, decreases light-headedness, and improves appetite.

Drink it for a little boost to help focus at mid-morning or mid-afternoon to lift energy and concentration. $10.00/50gr. bags.

asiatic pennywort teaAsiatic Pennywort TeaHas for a while been known from Thai medication to nourish the vital organs, spleen and gall bladder. It is all the rage between the Thai Boxing Community for hard-hitting sportsmen.

Lately a report found it helps to improve brain function and refresh the brain and heart.  A necessity tea for pro sportsmen or anybody that consistently places the body under intense duress. $10.00/50gr. bags.

mulberry teaMulberry Tea. Past research tests done by scientists disclosed that Bai Mon has GABA which aids incontrolling a correct balance of blood pressure and also decreases inflation in the brain.

Deoxynomycin also assists in reducing sugar in blood and aids usually nourishment. Drinking Mulbery green tea lowers the danger of hardening of the arteries causing coronaries and increases blood flow, and flow of other liquids of body, i.e.

It was also disclosed that to contain these nutritive ingredients, Calcium,Potassium, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, and Vitamin C and can also include part of Amino acid.

To use Mulberry Green Tea for health it has got to be of a high spec, color, scent along with a satisfying taste. We’ve got the highest quality Mulberry Tea we’ve ever attempted. It has got a light-green to brown color and an especially nice taste. Mulberry Tea is the best refreshment.

Mulberry Tea has tiny ( just about no ) caffeine and infrequently not even a trace can be uncovered. Mulberry Tea is an OK refreshment for everybody. $10.00/50gr. bags.

roselle teaRoselle Tea Is made from dried roselle flower to make a sour, refreshing drink that is highly enjoyable both cold and hot. It has got a little acid taste and has been known to use for reducing fat cells in blood, lower blood pressure and improving pissing. You’re able to add some honey for better taste apart from somebody that favors the best of its benefit there is no true need to add anything more.  $10.00/50gr. bags.

cinnamon teaCinnamon Helps to calms stomach upsets and indigestion, decreases tiredness, and improves heart and blood circulation.You can take it after heavy soiree and it’ll help with digestion making certain a better night’s sleep.
$10.00/50gr. bags.

ginko biloba teaGinko Biloba Tea The extraction of the dried leaves is preferred for their use as a diet supplement and / or herbal medicine for the brain, legs, eyes, heart and ears.Scientific studies imply that good extracts may help blood flow and memory, stop blood clotting, damage by oxidizing compounds and give an augmented sense of happiness and might be employed for lots of other absurdities. The leaves are also used as tea for a selection of sicknesses.$10.00/50gr. bags.

licorice teaLicorice Root A delicious elixir used for colds, flu, plagues, and other ailments. 

A good  cough suppressant,expectorant, purgative, and is used to treat some cancers. Once used as a sweetening agent in drug and herbal compounds.As an aphrodesiac, emmenagogue, galactogogue. Modern research is finding use of Liquorice’s important component, Glycyrrhizin, intreating Aids Hepatitis B, Cancer, SARS and plenty of other “plague”conditions. $10.00/50gr.

Enjoy the Medicinal Health Benefits of Herbal Tea!

Herbal formulas, natural remedies, homeopathic formulas, teas and related alternative health products and statements on this site have not been evaluated by the U.S. FDA.These products are retailed in the US as nutritive additions and aren’t planned to diagnose, treat, cure or stop any illness. The content provided is for educational uses only and isn’t meant as a replacement for guidance from your doctor, approved herbal expert, acupuncture expert or other medicare pro or any info contained on or in any product label or packing.

You need to talk with a medicare pro before beginning any diet, exercise, Chinese herb or other reinforcement programme, before taking any medicine, or if you have or suspect you may have a health problem. Unless in particular discussed in the product label, our herbal additions, natural treatments, alternative health and other homeopathic products aren’t reserved for youngsters below the age of eighteen, pregnant mothers or ladies nursing a baby.

Unless specifically mentioned in the product label, our herbal supplements, natural remedies, alternative health and other homeopathic products are not intended for children under the age of 18, pregnant women or women nursing a baby.

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Discount Herbal Tea

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